Restaurants with Nashville Chicken Sandwich

It should not be surprising that restaurants offering a Nashville Chicken Sandwich are on the rise. Offering unique regional food in restaurants is fairly normal. Restaurants offer Korean dishes, Italian favorites, Mediterranean staples, and even southern home-cooking. You name it, there is a restaurant that includes it on a menu. Therefore, with the increasing popularity of this Nashville specialty, more restaurants are adding this item to their menu.

Where Did the Nashville Chicken Sandwich Originate?

According to André Prince Jeffries, the current owner of Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack, the origin of the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is an amusing anecdote. BBQ Chicken Shack café was owned by Jefferies’ great uncle, Thornton Prince III. His restaurant began serving the famous sandwich in the mid-1930s.

The way the story is told (although there are no official records to verify the truthfulness), Thornton Prince III was quite the womanizer. His then-girlfriend, angry about a late night out, prepared a fried chicken breakfast for Jeffries’ great-uncle Thornton. As an bit of revenge for him staying out so late the previous night, she added extra pepper. A lot of extra pepper.

She should have paid heed to the old adage, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Great-uncle Thornton LOVED the spicy breakfast chicken! In fact, he liked it enough to partner with his brothers, create his own recipe, and open the BBQ Chicken Shack café. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Nashville Hot Chicken is a part of the Nashville night life. Restaurants with a Nashville Chicken Sandwich on the menu are frequently packed with customers until the wee hours of the morning. The popularity of this menu item is not limited to Nashville, or even to the south.

In Mahopac, New York, chef-owner Alex Asadoorian of the Chicken Coop has created his own version of this southern favorite. His semi-famous version of the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich offers a taste of the south in Putnam County. They even include an “extra spicy” option on the menu!

What Makes a Nashville Chicken Sandwich Unique?

Although Nashville Hot Chicken is most often a sandwich these days, it wasn’t always. The original Nashville Hot Chicken was pretty much any bits and pieces of the bird — thighs, legs, breasts, and wings. It is still served this way in Nashville restaurants. The key to its unique taste derives from the preparation.

The first step is to marinate the chicken in buttermilk. Breading is a key part of the process before frying the chicken. When it comes out of the deep fryer or pan is when the magic happens. There are no secret ingredients or specific measurements for the spices. Every restaurant prepares it slightly differently.

The magic involves applying a cayenne pepper-based paste to the outside of the cooked chicken. Each restaurant has its own blend of spices to make up the paste, or “dry” sauce. In fact, some restaurants offer varying degrees of heat from mild to five alarm (super hot).

Nashville Hot Chicken, when served as a sandwich, is a boneless breast. Although the original recipes rest the chicken on a thick slice of white bread, it is also great on a Brioche bun, sesame-seed bun, or a sub-type roll. One of the key items on the plate or bun is the addition of pickles. Some establishments rely on the dry sauce, while others add a sprinkling of extra cayenne pepper over the sauce.

Chef Asadoorian at the Chicken Coop serves his sandwich on a toasted brioche bun with pickle chips, coleslaw, and his specialty comeback sauce.

Where Can You Find This Specialty in Nashville?

We couldn’t find a specific number of restaurants in Nashville that offer hot chicken in one form or another. There are at least two dozen restaurants offering this signature dish, though. Among them, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack holds a place of honor. As the “founding” source of this spicy dish, all is as it should be.

Hattie B’s is probably the next most famous. They serve chicken — just chicken. With options ranging from Southern-style with no spice to the fieriest version named “Shut the Cluck Up” which includes “insane spice.” They currently have two locations in Nashville, but are looking at expansion opportunities.

Other Nashville restaurants offering the famous chicken dish:

Bolton’s Spicy Chicken and Fish (two locations)
Arnold’s Country Kitchen (only served on Mondays)
Party Fowl (beware the ghost peppers in their hottest version — Poultrygeist)
Husk (only available at the Nashville location and only at lunchtime)
Sinema (topped with an egg in true breakfast fashion!)
Pinewood Social (a social spot with bowling lanes and family activities)

Although there are many more restaurants in Nashville that offer some form of this awesome dish, our list will get you on the way to a wonderfully tasty vacation.

Finding a Nashville Chicken Sandwich Outside of Nashville

Finding Nashville Hot Chicken outside of Nashville continues to get easier. Since 2012, the dish has gone from popularity within a small area of Nashville to being a nationwide favorite. The popularity increase may be the result of television food shows. It may have happened naturally as tourists travel and share experiences. One thing is for certain — Nashville Hot Chicken is here to stay.

From budding franchises such as Nashville Hot Chicken to chefs creating their own version like Chef Asadoorian in New York, this chicken dish is destined for great things.

Recipe to Make a Nashville Chicken Sandwich

There doesn’t appear a specific recipe for hot chicken. The key take-away seems to be spices — lots of hot spices. Some restaurants rely on old standards like cayenne peppers, while others have gone to haunting heights by using notoriously hot ghost peppers.

Whatever spices are in use for the hot, the one thing everyone seems to agree on is the texture. Nashville Hot Chicken should have a crunchy coating, aided by the buttermilk bath and choice of breading. Every chef seems to have their own personal secret for arriving at that crunch.

Whether you enjoy mild spices or the super-hot version, the differences mean that you can enjoy Nashville Hot Chicken every day and never have the same experience. As long as the heat doesn’t overwhelm the underlying flavor, there is no limit on the available variations.

Restaurants with Nashville Chicken Sandwich in New York

If you happen to be in Mahopac, New York, stop by the Chicken Coop. Taste the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich creation of Chef Asadoorian and let us know what you think!

Where Is the Best Food in Mahopac NY?

Where Is the Best Food in Mahopac NY? At the Chicken Coop, of course! Chef-owner Alex Asadoorian has compiled a menu that offers almost everything except the kitchen sink (we have to keep that). No matter what you are in the mood for, you can find it at Chicken Coop.

Answering the “What’s for Dinner?” Question

Whether you are a single diner or feeding an entire house full of hungry people, everyone can find a favorite on the Chicken Coop menu! With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Chef Asadoorian has a desire to bring people together with great food.

Although known for fresh rotisserie chicken, which is our specialty, the Chicken Coop also offers many other menu-favorites and daily specials. We are one of the only restaurants in the area serving a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. You’ll also want to check out our home-cooked side dishes.


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Other items you’ll find on our menu:

Eight appetizers to get your mouth watering
Four specialty types of cheese fries (you can get plain fries too)
Four different salads from House to fully-loaded (and extra items you can add)
Wings with every sauce and dip you can imagine in sizes for every appetite
Seven specialty chicken sandwiches including our semi-famous Nashville Hot
Steak sandwiches four different ways
Three fish sandwiches
Three specialty burgers — or build your own single or double burger
Beyond burgers for the vegetarian in your group
Hot dogs four different ways — or build your own
Rotisserie chicken served as a half or whole bird with ample home-cooked side dishes
Chicken, Fish, Steak, and Cheesburger tacos
Three scrumptious dessert choices

You’ll also find a kid’s menu that includes:

Mac & cheese
Chicken bites
Grilled cheese sandwich
Hot dog

All kid’s meals are served with fries or yogurt. Although our kid’s meals are normally for children 10 and under, we might make an exception if you just have to have that grilled cheese sandwich!

Still Curious About the Best Food in Mahopac, NY?

When it comes to gathering people over great food, Chef Asadoorian is a leader. While we can’t claim that the Chicken Coop is “world-famous” (yet), we can claim to have a diverse menu. Bring your appetite for a dining experience you won’t soon forget!

Unfortunately, we are closed on Sunday, but any other day of the week is fair game. Our hours are Monday thru Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM. Our location at 80 US-6, Baldwin Place, NY is easy to find.

You can order online using the GrubHub app for delivery or pick up. You can also our direct line to place an order for pick up at 914-274-8444. Our staff is ready to help you handle your hunger! Whether you eat in, take it home, or have it delivered, we are sure you will agree that the Chicken Coop has the best food in Mahopac, NY!

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What’s for Dinner? Solving the Nightly Dilemma

In every household, the same question is a nightly repeat. “What’s for Dinner?” Busy lifestyles mean that no one is home all day cooking up delicious meals. Soccer practice, marching band, work meetings that run late — activities keep people so busy they often don’t eat properly. At Chicken Coop, the answer is on the menu — everything is for dinner.

Nobody Goes Hungry — Something for Everyone

When you’re trying to feed a household with varying tastes, it can be a challenge to find something for everyone. At Chicken Coop, we understand that and offer a wide variety of menu items that are sure to please everyone. Big appetite? Handled. Little appetite? Handled. Vegetarian? Handled (and not just a bowl of lettuce and some random veggies either!).

Although judging by our name, you might think we only offer chicken, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our menu truly does have something for everyone. Yes, we do have chicken. Our menu includes wings for every taste. We even offer a fried cauliflower option for people with different diets.  We also offer chicken sandwiches for lighter appetites, and a half or whole rotisserie chicken with tasty side dishes for a complete meal.

Don’t like chicken? No worries. Our steak sandwiches are legendary. Our burger selections include fresh all-beef patties. No frozen hockey puck burgers here. Choose from a variety of house-style burgers or build your own masterpiece. All-beef hot dogs are also on the menu.

Still haven’t found what you like? Check out our fish sandwiches, served with chips or fries. We also have tacos, a kid’s menu, desserts, and a full array of salad options. Just want fries or appetizers? That’s OK too. When we boast of having something for everyone, we really mean it!

Take-Out or Delivery

Once you decide what everyone wants to eat, you can place your order online using the GrubHub app to have it delivered right to your doorstep. You can also schedule your order for pick up through GrubHub, or simply call the restaurant to place your order at 914-274-8444.

We are open every day except Sunday and are located conveniently at:

80 US-6, Baldwin Place,
New York, 10505

Don’t forget to ask about our daily specials.


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We offer a complete menu for all your dinner, party, and gathering needs. Whether you are ordering one meal, or food to feed 20 or more people, Chicken Coop is ready to solve your “What’s for Dinner” dilemma.

Answering the “What’s for Dinner?” Question

Chef-owner Alex Asadoorian takes pride in every item produced in our kitchen. With more than a dozen years of experience feeding people, he is well-versed in delivering quality. Chef Alex has taken home a variety of awards with his NY Firehouse Grill and he looks forward to carrying on the tradition with Chicken Coop.

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Wing Take Out near Me

Wing Take Out is the perfect summer meal plan for all your summer activities. When it comes to having an awesome take-out menu, there is no competition. Chicken Coop in New York is your go-to source for all things wings. Offered in a variety of sizes, flavors, and styles, wing take will be the centerpiece of any festivity!

Planning Your Event – Sizes for Every Occasion

Whatever event is on your schedule, Chicken Coop makes planning a cinch with a full catering menu. But what if you don’t need full-scale catering? Whether you are planning a small in-home All-Star watch party or a family reunion, Chicken Coop has the solution you need. They can provide wing take-out for everything from a backyard barbeque or potluck-style evening to a tailgater for the whole crew.


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Whether you need wings for one or 100, there is a size to fit your needs. You can order single-serve or small group amounts of 6, 12, or 18 wings just for you. If you have more hungry mouths to feed, order a half tray of 40 wings, or go all-out with a full tray (80 wings). All wing orders are served with celery and include adequate amounts of Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing for dipping.

But that’s not all! Chicken coop wings are available in three variations. Traditional wings are bone-in wings, breaded to perfection and topped with your favorite sauce. Don’t like the bones? Order boneless wings, which we prepare with the same breading and sauce options. There is even a vegetarian option with breaded, fried cauliflower served with our famous wing sauces.

When it comes to wing sauces, you won’t find a greater variety of choices anywhere!

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor — Choose Your Favorite

The first choice is heat or no heat. If you are a traditionalist, order the Buffalo-style wings available in Mild, Medium, Hot, or Cluckin’ Hot. If no heat is your preference, there are plenty of options including Teriyaki, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Maple Bacon, and more.

Choices also include our house seasoning blends, such as the Porky Pig, Halligan, Bagelman, and Pterodactyl. Our dry rubs begin with a simple salt and pepper and move on to include a variety of options. Try our Jerk or Cajun rub combinations for a quick trip to the flavors of the Caribbean. Try the homey Dusty Ranch, Wisconsin, and our signature House Blend for less spice and down-home flavors.

We’re not done yet. Our chefs have their own flavor combinations that are also available. Try Spicy Garlic, Volcano, Steve Martin, Wizard, or Hulk to experience flavor combinations you may have only dreamed about.

Whatever choices you make, you won’t be left hungry with wing takeout from Chicken Coop!

Let Chicken Coop Spoil You with Wing Take Out

Unfortunately, we do close on Sundays, but we’re open the rest of the week! Visit our website, or join us at our brick and mortar location:

80 US-6, Baldwin Place,
NY 10505, United States

Place online orders for delivery using GrubHub. You can call to place take-out orders for pick up at (914) 274-8444. We look forward to hearing from you. We’re on Facebook and Instagram too.

Best Chicken Sandwich near Me

The Chicken Coop offers the best Chicken Sandwich in New York. Unfortunately, there are five great sandwiches to choose from. We recommend trying them all to determine which one gets your vote. But sandwiches aren’t the only thing on the menu, so bring your appetite!

Got Plans for Dinner?

No plans? No problem. You can order online for delivery or call to place a pickup order. With a menu that includes over 50 flavors of chicken wings, rotisserie chicken, and home-cooked side dishes there is something for everyone. Don’t like chicken? That’s not a problem either as the menu includes burgers, hot dogs, and even tacos.

The Chicken Coop is the brainchild of Alex Asadoorian. As the owner and chef, he brings over 12 years of culinary expertise to the kitchen. One of his primary passions is bringing people together around great food.

The Best Chicken Sandwich Lineup

When it comes to sandwiches, the lineup is full of all-star players with different tastes and textures to please any palate. Fries or sweet potato chips are available as optional sides to make a complete meal.

Nashville Hot Chicken

This signature sandwich is semi-famous and one of the only ones like it available in the area. Built on a toasted brioche bun, topped with coleslaw, pickle chips, and comeback sauce. The main feature is a chicken breast patty with a spicy Buttermilk coating, deep-fried to perfection. Your taste buds will be thanking you for days!

The Jackie Chan

Named after the actor, Jackie Chan, this is a more traditionally styled sandwich. Served on grilled panini bread, this sandwich includes pulled sriracha honey chicken with cheddar cheese. Rounding out the sandwich are toppings of bacon, pickles, and coleslaw.

Coop Cubano

With inspiration borrowed from our southern neighbors, this masterpiece includes pulled chicken topped with thin-sliced Boar’s Head ham and Swiss cheese. It is served on pressed ciabatta bread with pickles, shredded cabbage, and our specially blended whole grain mustard aioli. The flavors blend together to create a taste sensation that will dance on your tongue.

Grilled Chicken

This sandwich includes grilled chicken topped with lettuce, tomato, and red onion served on a brioche bun. It is complex in its simplicity, offering basic flavors in a pleasing combination.

Chicken Bomb

Appropriately named, this sandwich will bring an explosion of flavor to your mouth! Served on ciabatta bread, this shredded BBQ teriyaki chicken sandwich includes cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce, and tomato.

Carry Out, Delivery, and Catering Too

Whether you are in the mood for sandwiches, wings, or a complete meal of rotisserie chicken and home-style sides, Chicken Coop can fill your order. Delivery is easy with the GrubHub app. Alternately, if you’d rather pick up your order, you can call it in at (914) 274-8444.

If you have a large gathering approaching, Chicken Coop offers catering services too! Although the menu is slightly different, you can check out the offerings and pricing on a downloadable PDF to begin planning.