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Finding restaurants in New York is easy-peasy. However, finding the perfect destination for the entire family is a bit trickier. Bobby wants tacos. Susie wants chicken wings. Billy wants a burger. Dad wants a chicken sandwich that bites back. Mom wants fish and chips. Of the many restaurants located in Putnam County, only one has something for every taste — The Chicken Coop.

Finding Your Way Around in Putnam County

If you are a resident of Putnam County, you may already be aware of all the great things to do and see here. We are just so proud of this area, we’re going to share a few of our favorites anyway. Being located an hour north of Manhattan, Putnam County is situated in a perfect spot for visitors and residents alike.

The smallest of the counties that are known as the Hudson Valley Region, Putnam County offers something for everyone. Art museums for art lovers. Plenty of outdoor hiking and nature preserves activities for fresh air connoisseurs. Theaters, shopping, plantations, historical homes, State Parks, and anything else imaginable.

This mecca of activity is a great break from the hustle and bustle of tourist destinations. If you are lucky enough to be a resident, you already know that! If you’re just visiting, our best recommendation is to slow down and smell the flowers, see the sights, and of course, eat the food!

Putnam County Offers a Variety of Restaurants

When it comes to finding a variety of food choices, Putnam County has everything on the menu. From fast-food chains to fancy, individualized sit-down restaurants with exotic cuisine, you can find it in Putnam County.

Although when you go on a vacation, you may be tempted to stay with the types of restaurants you are familiar with, we would urge you to step outside the mold. The diversity and choice available range the gamut and is sure to please everyone in your traveling party.

One of the best options in Putnam County is the Farm-to-Table establishments.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Although not new, the Farm-to-Table concept is gaining in popularity in many areas. Putnam County is no different. This simple way of shopping provides locally sourced ingredients as the building blocks of the menu. Items may include “grass-fed” beef and organic vegetables. Restaurants offering wine selections often source those from local wineries also.

While catering to a specific crowd, these Farm-to-Table restaurants also offer a variety of family-friendly menu items and vegetarian-safe food choices. But you won’t just find restaurants — you will also find a variety of farmers’ markets that sell direct to consumers for home-cooked organic goodness.

Among the Farm-to-Table restaurants and attractions in Putnam County are:

Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture — Combining farm and educational opportunities with fine dining, this facility includes walking trails, greenhouses, gardens, a cafe, and fine dining at the Blue Hill Restaurant.

The Culinary Institute of America — Training the chefs of tomorrow with five restaurants staffed by students, in addition to offering open enrollment courses on Saturday taught by their instructors.

Sprout Creek Farm — Grass-fed goats and cows roam the grounds where they offer cheese-making workshops. You can purchase fresh cheeses, participate in educational programs that run year-round, and even rent a cabin to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Gracie’s Luncheonette — With light fare including doughnuts and cheeseburgers, this modern diner includes American comfort foods. Everything is made in-house, including bread, condiments, desserts, and even fountain drinks!

Troy Waterfront Farmers Market — Operating year-round, this farm-to-table market is open every Saturday. More than 50 local farmers offer their products to consumers.

In addition to the many Farm-to-Table options, you will find international favorites and more!

Finding the Perfect Restaurants for the Entire Family

Whether you are traveling with or just feeding the entire family, everyone has a different idea of the perfect meal. Left to choose their diet, everyone would want food from a different restaurant. That isn’t exactly conducive to a “family” dinner. Fortunately, in Putnam County, there is always something for everyone!

For classic Italian-American fare, Abruzzi Trattoria offers the ambiance of a quaint neighborhood trattoria with a blended menu containing many family favorites.

If you’re more in the mood for Mexican food, Las Mananitas might be a great choice. Their establishment includes a large dining area with views of the nearby waterfront.

If you are truly searching for the most diverse menu in the entire county, you will find that at The Chicken Coop. When it comes to having a diverse menu and something for everyone, their menu has options for every taste! Although they specialize in rotisserie chicken, they have wings, burgers, fish, tacos, and the best Hot Nashville Chicken Sandwich in the northeast.

Don’t Forget the Chef!

In addition to providing the menu at the Chicken Coop, Chef Alex Asadoorian has already made a name for himself in nearby Westchester County at the NY Firehouse Grille in Peekskill. With an on-site BBQ, NY Firehouse Grille is a great option for the BBQ lover.

Rather than concentrating on making a visual showplace in his restaurants, Chef Asadoorian focuses on producing food that makes a lasting impression. Why pay a fortune for small portions in a grand ballroom? You can have large portions, excellent pricing, and the taste of perfection.

The best way to enjoy food from the Chicken Coop is to grab it to-go or have it delivered through GrubHub. Enjoy it on the balcony of your hotel room, or on the deck of your rented cabin. Chef Asadoorian offers a great selection at great prices so you can enjoy your dinner without cringing when you get the bill.

Convenience, Location, and a Diverse Menu

Whether you are a resident of Putnam County or just visiting, our Top Choice for go-to restaurants is the Chicken Coop. Located at 80 US 6 in Baldwin Place, it is easy to find. Ordering online or by phone (914-274-8444) is also a breeze. The Chicken Coop proudly solves the “What’s for dinner?” dilemma.

With the diverse menu options, you could eat there every night and never have the same thing twice!

Where Is the Best Food in Mahopac NY?

Where Is the Best Food in Mahopac NY? At the Chicken Coop, of course! Chef-owner Alex Asadoorian has compiled a menu that offers almost everything except the kitchen sink (we have to keep that). No matter what you are in the mood for, you can find it at Chicken Coop.

Answering the “What’s for Dinner?” Question

Whether you are a single diner or feeding an entire house full of hungry people, everyone can find a favorite on the Chicken Coop menu! With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Chef Asadoorian has a desire to bring people together with great food.

Although known for fresh rotisserie chicken, which is our specialty, the Chicken Coop also offers many other menu-favorites and daily specials. We are one of the only restaurants in the area serving a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. You’ll also want to check out our home-cooked side dishes.


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Other items you’ll find on our menu:

Eight appetizers to get your mouth watering
Four specialty types of cheese fries (you can get plain fries too)
Four different salads from House to fully-loaded (and extra items you can add)
Wings with every sauce and dip you can imagine in sizes for every appetite
Seven specialty chicken sandwiches including our semi-famous Nashville Hot
Steak sandwiches four different ways
Three fish sandwiches
Three specialty burgers — or build your own single or double burger
Beyond burgers for the vegetarian in your group
Hot dogs four different ways — or build your own
Rotisserie chicken served as a half or whole bird with ample home-cooked side dishes
Chicken, Fish, Steak, and Cheesburger tacos
Three scrumptious dessert choices

You’ll also find a kid’s menu that includes:

Mac & cheese
Chicken bites
Grilled cheese sandwich
Hot dog

All kid’s meals are served with fries or yogurt. Although our kid’s meals are normally for children 10 and under, we might make an exception if you just have to have that grilled cheese sandwich!

Still Curious About the Best Food in Mahopac, NY?

When it comes to gathering people over great food, Chef Asadoorian is a leader. While we can’t claim that the Chicken Coop is “world-famous” (yet), we can claim to have a diverse menu. Bring your appetite for a dining experience you won’t soon forget!

Unfortunately, we are closed on Sunday, but any other day of the week is fair game. Our hours are Monday thru Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM. Our location at 80 US-6, Baldwin Place, NY is easy to find.

You can order online using the GrubHub app for delivery or pick up. You can also our direct line to place an order for pick up at 914-274-8444. Our staff is ready to help you handle your hunger! Whether you eat in, take it home, or have it delivered, we are sure you will agree that the Chicken Coop has the best food in Mahopac, NY!

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Best Chicken Sandwich near Me

The Chicken Coop offers the best Chicken Sandwich in New York. Unfortunately, there are five great sandwiches to choose from. We recommend trying them all to determine which one gets your vote. But sandwiches aren’t the only thing on the menu, so bring your appetite!

Got Plans for Dinner?

No plans? No problem. You can order online for delivery or call to place a pickup order. With a menu that includes over 50 flavors of chicken wings, rotisserie chicken, and home-cooked side dishes there is something for everyone. Don’t like chicken? That’s not a problem either as the menu includes burgers, hot dogs, and even tacos.

The Chicken Coop is the brainchild of Alex Asadoorian. As the owner and chef, he brings over 12 years of culinary expertise to the kitchen. One of his primary passions is bringing people together around great food.

The Best Chicken Sandwich Lineup

When it comes to sandwiches, the lineup is full of all-star players with different tastes and textures to please any palate. Fries or sweet potato chips are available as optional sides to make a complete meal.

Nashville Hot Chicken

This signature sandwich is semi-famous and one of the only ones like it available in the area. Built on a toasted brioche bun, topped with coleslaw, pickle chips, and comeback sauce. The main feature is a chicken breast patty with a spicy Buttermilk coating, deep-fried to perfection. Your taste buds will be thanking you for days!

The Jackie Chan

Named after the actor, Jackie Chan, this is a more traditionally styled sandwich. Served on grilled panini bread, this sandwich includes pulled sriracha honey chicken with cheddar cheese. Rounding out the sandwich are toppings of bacon, pickles, and coleslaw.

Coop Cubano

With inspiration borrowed from our southern neighbors, this masterpiece includes pulled chicken topped with thin-sliced Boar’s Head ham and Swiss cheese. It is served on pressed ciabatta bread with pickles, shredded cabbage, and our specially blended whole grain mustard aioli. The flavors blend together to create a taste sensation that will dance on your tongue.

Grilled Chicken

This sandwich includes grilled chicken topped with lettuce, tomato, and red onion served on a brioche bun. It is complex in its simplicity, offering basic flavors in a pleasing combination.

Chicken Bomb

Appropriately named, this sandwich will bring an explosion of flavor to your mouth! Served on ciabatta bread, this shredded BBQ teriyaki chicken sandwich includes cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce, and tomato.

Carry Out, Delivery, and Catering Too

Whether you are in the mood for sandwiches, wings, or a complete meal of rotisserie chicken and home-style sides, Chicken Coop can fill your order. Delivery is easy with the GrubHub app. Alternately, if you’d rather pick up your order, you can call it in at (914) 274-8444.

If you have a large gathering approaching, Chicken Coop offers catering services too! Although the menu is slightly different, you can check out the offerings and pricing on a downloadable PDF to begin planning.