Chicken Dishes You Should Try — Pick Your Favorite

When it comes to chicken dishes you should try, the Chicken Coop in Baldwin Place, NY, has a menu full of options. Although their specialty is rotisserie chicken, chef-owner Alex Asadoorian did not stop there. From a simple grilled chicken sandwich to his almost world-famous Nashville Hot Chicken, you can’t beat the selection!

What is the Most Delicious Chicken in the World?

Well, that answer depends on who is tasting the chicken, although one might argue that any chicken you don’t have to cook yourself is the most delicious. When flavors meld into a delightful sensation on the tongue, it creates an ambiance of its own.

Whether you like super hot, sweet, tangy, or somewhere in between, finding that just-right flavor combo is the best chicken in the world for you. At Chicken Coop, that’s what we want your experience to be.

Different Ways to Cook Chicken

How many ways are there to cook chicken? Baked, broiled, grilled, boiled, slow-roasted on a rotisserie, foil-wrapped and tossed in a fire, or deep-fried. As long as the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit and tastes great, does it matter how it is cooked?

It does to Chef Asadoorian. He has worked for more than a decade to perfect his techniques for cooking chicken. No matter how you order it, you can be sure that we will cook your chicken to perfection.

Healthiest Way to Cook Chicken

According to food experts, baking and stir-frying (with olive oil) are the healthiest ways to cook chicken. As a meat choice, chicken is already a healthy choice. With the rotisserie chicken at Chicken Coop, your meal bakes to a golden brown crispy outside with tender and juicy meats inside.

Chicken Dishes You Should Try

When it comes to chicken dishes, you should try the answer is ALL of them. With more than 100 combinations for our delicious wings, you could eat at Chicken Coop every day for almost a year and never repeat a flavor!

Start with an Appetizer

Chicken permeates many of the items on the menu, and it begins with the appetizers. Chicken Coop offers five different appetizers that could be meals on their own.

You can start with Chicken & Waffles Nachos, which combines tasty maple bacon boneless chicken bites over waffle triangles and is topped with cheddar cheese and scallions. Simple but elegant.

Tray the Buffalo Chicken Dip — an irresistible combination of shredded buffalo chicken under a blanket of melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese. To add some crunch and a little cool, we serve carrots and celery on the side of this appetizer.

The adults may want to keep the Chicken Varm Bites to themselves! Homemade vodka sauce coating makes these boneless chicken bites with mozzarella cheese pure perfection.

For a taste of parmesan, the Chicken Parm Bites have a delectable marinara sauce and a melted blanket of mozzarella cheese.

Want the flavor sensation of Chef Asadoorian’s Nashville Hot Chicken but aren’t quite ready for the whole sandwich? Nashville Chicken Bites can satisfy your desires. The Nashville-inspired bites of boneless chicken are served over the traditional white bread with pickle chips.

Add Cluckin’ Fries to Any Meal

Who doesn’t love french fries? Try them with a twist as a side dish for any chicken dishes on the menu. Cluckin’ Fries add the zest of Nashville chicken, topped with cheddar and pepper jack cheese, a smattering of bacon bits, and a dollop of our very own comeback sauce. You’ll want to add Cluckin’ Fries to every meal!

Add Chicken to Any Salad

Love salad but also want chicken? No problem. You can add chicken to any salad. And you can choose from rotisserie chicken, grilled chicken, or tasty enchilada chicken. Add chicken to the House Salad, Apple Walnut Salad, or the Coop Caesar Salad.

The Taco Salad is an excellent choice for a delicious taste that includes enchilada chicken. It has crisp Romaine lettuce, corn pico de Gallo, our pulled enchilada chicken, and generous dollops of avocado and sour cream to round out the flavor sensation.

Wings for the Win

There are too many flavor combinations of wings to discuss them all today. Suffice it to say that we have wings for you no matter what your tastes are. Hot and spicy, sweet and tangy, mild to four-alarm fire — any flavor you desire, we have it in wings! Boneless, bone-in, or mix them up.

Sandwiches for a Light Meal

Sandwiches are always a great choice. Chef Asadoorian has created some fantastic options.

You can start with the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. As one of the very few restaurants serving a Nashville-style chicken in the north, this is perfection. The fried chicken is steeped in buttermilk, breaded, then placed on a brioche bun with coleslaw, and topped with pickle chips. The addition of our comeback sauce will have you coming back again and again.

If you want a sandwich with some kick, the Jackie Chan Honey Chicken will make its namesake proud! The taste sensation begins with our pulled sriracha honey chicken placed gingerly on panini bread. We also add bacon, cheese, coleslaw, and pickles to round out this black belt favorite.

For an extra taste sensation, try the Coop Cubana Pulled Chicken. The sandwich includes pulled chicken, sliced Boar’s Head ham, shredded cabbage, pickles, Swiss cheese, and delectable mustard aioli on pressed ciabatta bread.

If you want the simplistic perfection Grilled Chicken, it will be served on a brioche bun with red onion, lettuce, and tomato. If you want to add a little twist, order The Sullivan. It is the basic grilled chicken sandwich with a few additions, including bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo, and cherry peppers.

The Chicken Bomb offers an explosion of taste with shredded BBQ teriyaki chicken, sauteed onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato on ciabatta bread. BOOM!

Our pulled chicken on a brioche bun with fried pickles, tomato, mozzarella cheese, and topped with ranch dressing is called The Rancher.

Rotisserie Chicken

We saved our specialty for the last! Could you eat a whole 3.5-pound chicken slow-roasted on a rotisserie to lock in the juices? You can order the Rotisserie Chicken as a whole or a half and choose from various side dishes. How big is your appetite?

Try All the Chicken Dishes to Find Your Favorite

Now you know why we say you should try all the chicken dishes at the Chicken Coop. Don’t ask what chicken dishes you should try. Just start at the top of the menu and work your way down. You’ll eventually find your favorites!

You can order online through GrubHub for delivery or pick up. You may also place orders by calling (914) 274-8444.

How Many Chicken Wings Are in a Tray?

How many chicken wings are in a tray? At Chicken Coop, there are two tray sizes: The Half Tray and the Full Tray. The Half Tray includes 40 wings, and the Full Tray has 80 Wings. Determining how many wings you need might be better to ask when planning any gathering.

How Many Trays of Chicken Wings Do You Need?

Determining how many wings you need for any function can be challenging. The average adult will consume several wings. If the wings are the main dish, you’ll need many more than if they are served with other types of meats. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set formula for predicting necessary quantities.

We have some pointers on how caterers figure out what quantities they should prepare for specific occasions.

Some of the questions to help determine how many wings you’ll need to but include:

What type of function is it?
How many people are expected?
Will there be other types of meats available?
What other food or snacks will there be?
Will guests be drinking alcoholic beverages?
What style of wings will be served (boneless, bone-in, mild, super hot, Buffalo, etc.)?


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The answers to the above questions will help you determine how many trays of wings you need. Knowing how many chicken wings are in a tray will ensure you have enough wings for your gathering.

Determine How Many Guests You Expect

The first step, of course, is to determine how many people you are expecting. For large groups with only a few additional snacks or side dishes, plan on ten wings per person. A Half Tray of bone-in wings from Chicken Coop would feed four people using this guide. The Full Tray would feed around eight people.

Plan approximately six wings per guest if the wings are served as an appetizer before an additional meal. Guests may eat more, but many will hold space for the main course.

Boneless wings have more meat than bone-in wings, meaning that people will consume fewer individual pieces. If serving boneless wings, a typical serving size is around seven wings as a stand-alone choice. When served with different side dishes or as an appetizer, plan for about three boneless wings per person.

The one caution is that you should always err on the heavy side. In other words, if you expect four guests, plan food for six to eight. Adding extra portions accounts for what you expect guests to eat and provides extra servings for surprise drop-in guests or unexpected plus-one guests. Remember that you can always reheat leftovers or send care packages home with your guests.

If you are preparing your wings from scratch, plan approximately one pound of bone-in raw chicken for each guest. Fewer boneless wings would be necessary. Wings can be a lot of work, from prep to the final edible state. Many people select prepared, pre-packaged frozen wings that require heating.

What Type of Function or Party Is It?

Whether your function is a family reunion, friendly BBQ, or sport viewing party might not seem like an essential factor, but it is. If your event is an inside event or an outdoor BBQ-style gathering also plays a role in determining your final count. Fresh air seems to enhance appetites, while people tend to be more reserved at indoor venues.

Guys drinking beer at a tailgate party can inhale wings before or after a football game. Aunt Susie at the family picnic might only eat three tiny wings as she moves around catching up with relatives. Kids are unpredictable because one kid might down 30 wings while another is full after two. A PTA potluck event will offer many different dishes, so fewer wings will be necessary.

Will Other Types of Meat Be Served?

Chicken wings are an excellent appetizer or a main course. If you are serving no other meats and wings are the main course, more will be necessary to satisfy the crowd.

When serving other types of meat, wings become an appetizer when determining the necessary quantities. Different types of meats that pair well with chicken wings include:

Pulled pork
End brisket pulled, smoked, and even burnt
BBQ spare ribs
Chicken — fried, BBQ, or grilled

Whether you are serving wings as a side, appetizer, or the main course, they are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Wait — How Many Types of Wings are There?

There are hundreds of different ways to serve wings. Mild, spicy, sweet, tangy, and on fire are just a few of the available options. At Chicken Coop, your first option is Traditional, Boneless, or Fried Cauliflower. Yes, there is even a vegetarian option for those who love the wing flavor but limit intake of animal products!

Once you decide on the chicken wing style (boneless, bone-in, or cauliflower), you may choose No Heat, Dry Rubs, or HEAT. The degree of spice varies with each selection. Some options include both a dry rub and a sauce for added heat.

No heat options include Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Mustard, and other flavor options on the mild side. These are the safe options for potlucks, picnics, and events where you aren’t sure of guests’ preferences.

Dry rubs add additional flavors such as Jerk, Cajun, Old Bay, and Lemon Pepper. They vary in “heat” intensity from OUCH to mild and lemony.

Heat options include Spicy Garlic, Ninja, Volcano, Hulk, and Dragon. The Dragon option is available as regular Dragon, Red Dragon, and Green Dragon, each offering a different level of heat.

Placing Your Order Is Easy at Chicken Coop

Knowing how many chicken wings are in a tray will help you plan whether you get mild or fiery hot chicken wings. Don’t forget to plan for sides, dips, and sauces. And don’t forget the wet wipes!

Chicken Coop has all you need to serve your guests with a wide variety of flavor sensations. Order wings in single servings or larger sizes to satisfy everyone. Customers can place orders online through GrubHub, or you can call us directly at (914) 274-8444.

What’s for Dinner? Solving the Nightly Dilemma

In every household, the same question is a nightly repeat. “What’s for Dinner?” Busy lifestyles mean that no one is home all day cooking up delicious meals. Soccer practice, marching band, work meetings that run late — activities keep people so busy they often don’t eat properly. At Chicken Coop, the answer is on the menu — everything is for dinner.

Nobody Goes Hungry — Something for Everyone

When you’re trying to feed a household with varying tastes, it can be a challenge to find something for everyone. At Chicken Coop, we understand that and offer a wide variety of menu items that are sure to please everyone. Big appetite? Handled. Little appetite? Handled. Vegetarian? Handled (and not just a bowl of lettuce and some random veggies either!).

Although judging by our name, you might think we only offer chicken, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our menu truly does have something for everyone. Yes, we do have chicken. Our menu includes wings for every taste. We even offer a fried cauliflower option for people with different diets.  We also offer chicken sandwiches for lighter appetites, and a half or whole rotisserie chicken with tasty side dishes for a complete meal.

Don’t like chicken? No worries. Our steak sandwiches are legendary. Our burger selections include fresh all-beef patties. No frozen hockey puck burgers here. Choose from a variety of house-style burgers or build your own masterpiece. All-beef hot dogs are also on the menu.

Still haven’t found what you like? Check out our fish sandwiches, served with chips or fries. We also have tacos, a kid’s menu, desserts, and a full array of salad options. Just want fries or appetizers? That’s OK too. When we boast of having something for everyone, we really mean it!

Take-Out or Delivery

Once you decide what everyone wants to eat, you can place your order online using the GrubHub app to have it delivered right to your doorstep. You can also schedule your order for pick up through GrubHub, or simply call the restaurant to place your order at 914-274-8444.

We are open every day except Sunday and are located conveniently at:

80 US-6, Baldwin Place,
New York, 10505

Don’t forget to ask about our daily specials.


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We offer a complete menu for all your dinner, party, and gathering needs. Whether you are ordering one meal, or food to feed 20 or more people, Chicken Coop is ready to solve your “What’s for Dinner” dilemma.

Answering the “What’s for Dinner?” Question

Chef-owner Alex Asadoorian takes pride in every item produced in our kitchen. With more than a dozen years of experience feeding people, he is well-versed in delivering quality. Chef Alex has taken home a variety of awards with his NY Firehouse Grill and he looks forward to carrying on the tradition with Chicken Coop.

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Wing Take Out near Me

Wing Take Out is the perfect summer meal plan for all your summer activities. When it comes to having an awesome take-out menu, there is no competition. Chicken Coop in New York is your go-to source for all things wings. Offered in a variety of sizes, flavors, and styles, wing take will be the centerpiece of any festivity!

Planning Your Event – Sizes for Every Occasion

Whatever event is on your schedule, Chicken Coop makes planning a cinch with a full catering menu. But what if you don’t need full-scale catering? Whether you are planning a small in-home All-Star watch party or a family reunion, Chicken Coop has the solution you need. They can provide wing take-out for everything from a backyard barbeque or potluck-style evening to a tailgater for the whole crew.


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Whether you need wings for one or 100, there is a size to fit your needs. You can order single-serve or small group amounts of 6, 12, or 18 wings just for you. If you have more hungry mouths to feed, order a half tray of 40 wings, or go all-out with a full tray (80 wings). All wing orders are served with celery and include adequate amounts of Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing for dipping.

But that’s not all! Chicken coop wings are available in three variations. Traditional wings are bone-in wings, breaded to perfection and topped with your favorite sauce. Don’t like the bones? Order boneless wings, which we prepare with the same breading and sauce options. There is even a vegetarian option with breaded, fried cauliflower served with our famous wing sauces.

When it comes to wing sauces, you won’t find a greater variety of choices anywhere!

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor — Choose Your Favorite

The first choice is heat or no heat. If you are a traditionalist, order the Buffalo-style wings available in Mild, Medium, Hot, or Cluckin’ Hot. If no heat is your preference, there are plenty of options including Teriyaki, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Maple Bacon, and more.

Choices also include our house seasoning blends, such as the Porky Pig, Halligan, Bagelman, and Pterodactyl. Our dry rubs begin with a simple salt and pepper and move on to include a variety of options. Try our Jerk or Cajun rub combinations for a quick trip to the flavors of the Caribbean. Try the homey Dusty Ranch, Wisconsin, and our signature House Blend for less spice and down-home flavors.

We’re not done yet. Our chefs have their own flavor combinations that are also available. Try Spicy Garlic, Volcano, Steve Martin, Wizard, or Hulk to experience flavor combinations you may have only dreamed about.

Whatever choices you make, you won’t be left hungry with wing takeout from Chicken Coop!

Let Chicken Coop Spoil You with Wing Take Out

Unfortunately, we do close on Sundays, but we’re open the rest of the week! Visit our website, or join us at our brick and mortar location:

80 US-6, Baldwin Place,
NY 10505, United States

Place online orders for delivery using GrubHub. You can call to place take-out orders for pick up at (914) 274-8444. We look forward to hearing from you. We’re on Facebook and Instagram too.